The Band


Morgan Snow

Morgan Snow's life has played out like a morphed and twisted country song written in an alternate universe that took a hit of acid instead of just going to bed. His insights and experiences have been molded, and carved into his psyche like the western desert landscape he calls home. Where as most people know a good story is partly fact and mostly fiction, Morgan has lived the kind of life that doesn't need added fiction to interest you in his story. Ask him sometime how he was able to be let off with a warning after having his Miranda rights read to him by a Missouri State Trooper the night he moved to Nashville. See if he will tell you about the time he hit a three run walk-off home run in his first game as a freshman in college long before he ever picked up an instrument. Or what it was like to spend a summer in prison talking to inmates everyday. Maybe he will tell you about his introduction to Owl Medicine, or the story of his Mormon ancestor Erastus who is the reason Snow calls Salt Lake City home, as well as the 6 generations before him. Go ahead ask him, or better yet listen. Listen for what he puts into his songs. Beacons of a life lived, lost, and reincarnated, and the search for eternal truths while doing his best not to take himself too seriously in the process.

Photo by Patrick Carnahan (Cracked Glass Photography)

Photo by Patrick Carnahan (Cracked Glass Photography)

John Davis

John Davis adds lap steel, dobro, electric guitar, harmonies and occasional lead vocals to Triggers & Slips. He has been playing with Morgan Snow and Triggers & Slips for almost 8 years, and it is likely the longest relationship either one of them have ever had. Davis joined the band in 2010, and after taking a short hiatus in 2017 has re-integrated with the current Triggers & Slips line-up and will be featured on the next T & S album due out in the summer of 2019. John’s past project include Ulysses, and Flash Cabbage and currently plays with fellow singer songwriter Michelle Moonshine & Co. Morgan Snow, John Davis, and Michelle Moonshine are the main members for the acoustic project named Buffalo vs. Train.

Photo by Patrick Carnahan (Cracked Glass Photography).

Photo by Patrick Carnahan (Cracked Glass Photography).

Tommy Mortenson


Tommy plays upright bass, and adds back up vocals. He started out as a sub, and ended up being the full time bass player for Triggers & Slips in 2015. Some of Tommy’s past projects include Royal Bliss, and The Dirty Birds. He is also the bass player for the Nathan Spenser Revue. Tommy gets his nickname “Tommy Ten Toes” from his ability to tap dance, play bass, and sing at the same time. Very talented, but sorry ladies he is taken.

Greg Midgley


Greg plays piano, organ, and sings back up vocals when needed. When not playing music with Triggers & Slips he plays in the band The Rubes, Bronco, Cocoa and Camaro, and is also an electronic DJ named Time Chimp. He specializes in 1980’s action movie references, and makes video reviews for various Bath Bombs, and has “experienced” every flavor of Muscle Milk ever made. Greg joined Triggers & Slips in 2012 after being asked to add Honky Tonk piano on the first self titled album, and has been playing gigs ever since.

Photo by Everett Finch (Big American Story)

Eric Stoye

Eric is most at home sitting behind a drum kit. However, he is a little too handsome to have a clear picture showing his face, so we opted to only partially show him with a dim light. Drummers are usually better heard than seen anyway. I think you can probably figure out how he acquired his nickname “Boy Toy.” Eric also plays in the band Swantourage, and just got his first tattoo. We’re all really proud of him.

Page mcginnis

Page joined Triggers & Slips during the summer of 2017. He plays electric guitar and mandolin. He is the band expert on beer making, whiskey, choke holds, cooking, motorcycle maintenance, foreign languages, vaping, and is the drummers personal security guard and mentor. Page currently plays with the bluegrass band The Umbrella Brothers, and recorded albums with fellow Salt Lake City bands The Chickens, Nate Robinson Trio, and Drunk & Hungry.